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I am a 69 year old motorsports nut who lives in Bothell, Washington. After a 31 year career as an English teacher, I segued into a self-created job in the motorsports business. Now retired, I was involved in customer relations for Ride West BMW in Seattle, after almost 10 years of similar work for the Cycle Barn MotorSports Group. I have been married forever and have two grown children. I own, at the current time, a Triumph Bonneville T 120 , a Triumph Thruxton, a Fiat 500S and a VW Tiguan. What else would you like to know?

The Strange Journey to my new used car

First of all, I did not really need to trade in my Fiat 500 Sport. It’s a fine example of a 2012 model with 43,000 miles and no issues at all. It has been reliable, and always fun to drive. … Continue reading

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Enjoying a Double Automotive Fantasy

Enjoying a Double Automotive Fantasy ‘Tis a pity that the word “fantasy” has such a negative connotation for so many. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a fantasy, as long as you recognize it for what it is – … Continue reading

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The Statistical Anomaly That Is The Seattle Mariners

The Statistical Anomaly that is the Seattle Mariners I’m not much of a baseball fan.  Despite my starring role as a pitcher on a Little League farm team in my youth…  Nor a Mariners fan.  But… With the Mariners recent … Continue reading

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The Modern Triumph Bonneville Experience

The Modern Triumph Bonneville Experience I purchased a 2016 Triumph Bonneville T120 in April of that year.  The following situation has occurred so often that I almost laugh when it starts…again. Someone, usually a man, notices the bike, whether at … Continue reading

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Technology In Your Ride – Need vs. Want

How Much Technology Do You Need – Or Want – In Your Ride?Eons ago, when I first got entranced with cards and motorcycles, in about 1962, “technology” rarely surfaced in discussions of cars and motorcycles. After all, most motorcycles of … Continue reading

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Kids Today!

Kids Today… I’ve been hearing this expression since I was… a kid, usually uttered by adults with a shake of the head, followed by a litany of complaints.  Kids have no respect, they do not listen, they have no work     … Continue reading

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Seattle Snow – Cause For Panic?

Why People in Seattle Lose Their Minds When It Snows   This is written especially for all of my friends back in Minnesota, land of my youth.  They must wonder what collective insanity seems to hit people in the Seattle megalopolis … Continue reading

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When Fiction Smacks Into Reality

When Fiction Smacks into Reality It has come to my attention that if you are reading this on a smart phone my entire website does not display.  Among other horrors, this prevents you from clicking on and ordering any or … Continue reading

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A Curious Hobby For Motorcyclists

A Curious Hobby for Triumph (and other) Motorcyclists  If you own a Triumph, it is presumed that you enjoy riding it, as with most other brands of motorcycle.  Sometimes you have the thrill of a lengthy ride, and probably more … Continue reading

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In Defense of Donald Trump

In Defense of Donald Trump I know- what a strange title for an article from me.  But there is an explanation. Let me be clear about my opinion of Donald Trump.   The man is not only the worst President in … Continue reading

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