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Triathlons Will Save The World

Triathlons as Aspiration and Inspiration In the past year I’ve been exposed to the triathlon as an athletic event, and found much more to it than I would have believed. I now believe that triathlons are of incredible value for … Continue reading

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The Onomatopoetic Acronym

The NWMAA – From A Silly Idea to a Perhaps Reality Did you know that four of the top selling authors in the motorsports field all live here in the northwest? True, “top selling authors in the motorsports field” should … Continue reading

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In Praise of Rentals

Rental Car Sanity Perhaps no small asteroid belt of the automotive universe gets less respect that the rental car. It seems an article of faith among enthusiasts that rental cars are objects to be scorned, used only when no other … Continue reading

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California Dreamin’

California Dreamin’ Every time I visit California these days I wonder why we do not move there. To be sure the winter we have endured – and surely it is finally over? – contributes to the desire to get away … Continue reading

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Sensory Shopping

Sensory Shopping When shopping for a new or used car or motorcycle we use our sense of sight first – does it look good? No, does it look great? Even in mundane transportation choices, such as a work pickup truck … Continue reading

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