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Fun With Recalls, and other trivia

Fun With Recalls Just read a fascinating piece of moto-trivia in the current Sports Car Market magazine. It seems that Packard, that lamented classic marque consigned to the elephant boneyard of history, once had a recall – in 1932. Purchasers … Continue reading

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Accessories Trends

Optional Choices Back in the day, while purchasing a new car or motorcycle, the buyer could choose to upgrade with a number of accessories or options at the time of purpose. Said options were almost exclusively aimed at trading the … Continue reading

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Buying a Car: Step 4.1 Hiatus Interruptus!

Buying a Car: Step 4.1 Hiatus Interruptus As frequent readers know, we have put our car purchase adventure on hiatus while we wait for the arrival of the 2012 Chevy Sonic and Honda Civic Si models. These two models are … Continue reading

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Buying A Car: Step 4 Hiatus

Buying a Car: Step 4            Hiatus The time has come to call a time out and reflect. Here are the recent developments. Fiat 500: Still hanging on by a thread, bedeviled by a slew of “if”s. If the car arrives … Continue reading

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