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Traction Issues

Distractions, Subtractions, and Attractions to Traction  How best to present a usable surface for motorists in areas of snow and ice?  This has been a problem for more a century, and yet a viable solution seems to slip away from … Continue reading

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Fun with FoMoCo

From: Sent:       12/16/2011 12:14:39 PM To:         Ford Subject:  Public Affairs Do you have two SUV’s in theSeattlearea?  I followed two new Ford SUV’s for several miles on the way to work this morning (121611) – both … Continue reading

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Riding in Inclement Weather

This article is reprinted from the Ride West BMW monthly e-zine for December. The Motorcycle Chats:      Inclement Weather This month Dave Preston interviews GM Dave Swezey about riding in inclement weather. DP:  Dave, we have the opportunity to ride in … Continue reading

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The New 1%ers

The New 1%ers Once upon a time, a herd of motorcyclists traveling together got to deal with both the pluses and minuses of public perception. They were feared and avoided, but being thought to be bad-ass and capable of acts … Continue reading

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Common Winter Riding Errors

As published in the WSBMWR “Shaft” for December of 2011 Last month we looked at the idea of storing your bike for the winter, or not.  Most of the article dealt with the “or not,” with ideas for those who … Continue reading

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