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What Have You Learned This Year?

Continuing Education Virtually any job worthy of the noun “career” offers an employee education program, and that program, for various reasons, continues forever.  One of the reasons is that the people putting on the job training have a vested interest … Continue reading

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The Seattle Times sinks even lower

In an editorial today, The Seattle Times urges the state supreme court to overturn a superior court decision that it was illegal for the state to eliminate minimal raises for retired teachers in 2011.  Thus the Times continues it’s history … Continue reading

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Pondering Thanksgiving

Reflections on Thanksgiving A lot of hue and cry recently about the horrors of businesses being open for shopping on Thanksgiving and the woes of people who need to work this day.  Really? For decades people have been going to … Continue reading

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My Review of the new BMW C 650 GT scooter

This is the 473rd motorcycle/scooter I have reviewed, which must mean something Here are my initial thoughts on the ’13 BMW  C 650 GT  scooter,  although I am sure I will add to them over the course of the year … Continue reading

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On Gay Marriage

“Did We Vote On Your Marriage?” Best bumper sticker of the year, seen on the rear of a gay marriage legitimacy supporter’s Honda as I drove to work.  It got me to thinking… When Susan and I were married in … Continue reading

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