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A Lap of The Ridge

The Ridge is a new race track outside of Shelton.  I was there the other day to take part in a Puget Sound Safety Advanced Street Skills class. Since I had taken the class previously, this time I  was placed … Continue reading

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Rev’It! “Dirt” Gloves for Pavement Motorcycles

Product Review:  Rev’It! “Dirt” Gloves With the coming of warm weather, at least most of the time, we turn to gear for summer wear. I took out my Alpinestar “Race” gloves and noticed with sadness that they were quite worn. … Continue reading

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Why Young People Don’t Like Cars

Motorsport fan mags of late have been clogged with traumatic screeds aimed at young people who do not evince the enthusiasm for cars deemed appropriate and necessary by preceding generations.  Statistics back up these expressions of angst.  For teens, obtaining … Continue reading

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Adventures As a Motorcycle Test Rider

Life as a Test Rider One of the (many) unusual aspects of my job is that time is more or less not a factor. Salaried people in jobs where very few people know, care, or understand exactly what the job … Continue reading

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You Can Be Fast On a Scooter – if it is a BMW

How to Ride Fast (sorta) on a Scooter Caveat: the following comments are based solely on my own experiences and conclusions and are not intended to serve as instruction, advice, or recommendations. So there! The Sunday demo rides I put … Continue reading

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