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Thoughts On Vacuum Cleaner Design

On Vacuum Cleaner Design As mentioned multiple times previously, my parents were both mechanical engineers, and both of my older brothers were technically minded and interested.  I was the odd ball who wandered off in other directions, but occasionally I … Continue reading

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The Story of Our Wedding

The Story of Our Wedding, Or At Least Some of It                March 25th, 1972 42 years ago today I stood at the altar of Holy Family Church in Kirkland in a rented tuxedo, and I was nervous.  Not nervous in … Continue reading

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The R-Ides of March XII March 15th, 2014

The R-Ides of March XII             March 15th, 2014 In about 2001, while employed by Cycle Barn, I invented two fund-raiser events for Riders for Health.   I had become interested in Riders at the urging of Cycle Barn owner Jim Boltz … Continue reading

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The NFL, The “N” Word, and Language Evolution

The NFL, the “N’ word, and Language Evolution This week the National Football League has raised at least a small media flutter with the floated concept of a penalty for the use of offensive language on the field.  This is … Continue reading

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