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The Absurdity of Mass Standardized Tests and What to Do About It

Understanding the Mandatory Testing Mess Every school district in the country is dealing with the issue of mandatory “standardized” testing. In part this is due to the heavy hand of the Federal government holding a large bag of cash to … Continue reading

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On our 43rd Anniversary…

How We Met: In previous years I’ve written about our 40th wedding anniversary celebration (2012) and about our wedding itself (2014).  You can find them by date further down the list of essays on this site. In honor of our … Continue reading

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What St. Patrick’s Day Means to Me

A Different Meaning for St. Patrick’s Day Today is the 15th anniversary of the day I sat down with Jim Boltz of Cycle Barn to discuss the 5 page concept paper I had sent him for a new sort of … Continue reading

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The “Secrets” of Customer Service

Secrets of Customer Service My recent shenanigans with Comcast led me to conclude that they have the worst customer service program ever.  In turn, that led me to pondering the issue of who has the best customer service. One of … Continue reading

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