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How The Koch Brothers Will Elect a President You’ve Never Heard Of

The Koch Brothers Create a President From An Unknown Let us agree that the Koch brothers did not become incredibly wealthy by being stupid. I would posit further that they can learn from their mistakes. So what if… They now … Continue reading

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The Best Motorcycle Trip Ever?

A Wonderful 6 Day Motorcycle Trip This past week featured one of the finest motorcycle trips I’ve experienced in 48 years of riding. What made it so special? The participants, for one thing. We had 7 riders. The age span … Continue reading

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Spiral Loop and Winchester Grade videos

I think these are my two favorite patches of pavement.  Spiral Loop is just across the river from either Clarkston or Lewiston, and Winchester Grade runs from the teeny tiny town of Winchester down a series of hairpin corners and … Continue reading

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Rattlesnake Grade videos

Some people love to watch motorcycle videos. Others would rather watch paint dry. With that in mind, three of the best riding roads in the world are located in Washington and Idaho.  Spiral Loop Road is just across the river … Continue reading

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Mechanical Woes and Attitudes

Mechanical Woes and the Attitudes They Can Create Have you ever noticed that when things break in your personal “fleet,” they do so in multiples?  This summer has seen a seemingly endless string of mechanical woes to steeds and gear … Continue reading

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