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Motorcycle Trends for 2017

Motorcycle Trends for 2017 For a motorcycle enthusiast this is an exciting time of year. Actually, any time of the year is exciting, come to think of it. At this time the thrills come from all of the manufacturers trotting … Continue reading

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Purchasing a Small 2017 SUV – Part I

Purchasing a Small 2017 SUV – Part I I’m probably one of the very few people who enjoy the process of purchasing a new car. Not that I have a lot of practice. We purchased our first new car in … Continue reading

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Merry New Hap News for 2016

What do fruit cake and family holiday letters have in common?  The fact that some people love them and others, possibly a majority, hate them!  I happen to be a fan of both.  A Christmas card with nothing inside strikes … Continue reading

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