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Things to Do in Your Crash Helmet

Things to Do In Your Crash Helmet This is written for motorcyclists who wear a full face helmet. If you choose to wear an open-face helmet, you would not like the rest of this anyway. If you choose to not … Continue reading

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The Murder of My Friend Arpana

The  Murder of My Friend Arpana  The murder trial of the monster who murdered my friend Arpana begins today. Arpana was one of the most fascinating people it was my good fortune to get to know. She grew up in … Continue reading

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What Happens to the Motorcycles You Sell?

What Happens to Your Used Motorcycles? Had a nice visit yesterday from the fine fellow who purchased my beloved Triumph Speed Triple. He enjoys astonishing people who cannot believe it has covered 50,000 miles.  Triumph of Seattle was wise to … Continue reading

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