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The Triumph Tour of Gentlemen

 The Triumph Tour of Gentlemen Can you tour on a Triumph Bonneville T 120? Of course you can. You can “tour” on any motorcycle capable of maintaining safe highway speeds – which in some areas approaches 80 mph.   The question … Continue reading

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Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat

Curiosity Did Not Kill the Cat This is the sequel to the essay I posted yesterday called “The Crash That Wasn’t.” Ever since I’d gotten home from that incident it had bothered me.  A lot. I’ve ridden this road for … Continue reading

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The Crash That Wasn’t

The Crash That Wasn’t Since this essay deals with motorcycle safety, I should begin with some background for those who are not frequent perusers of my musings.  I’ve been riding motorcycles for 51 years.  After three decades of enthusiasm, including … Continue reading

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Risk vs. Reward: There but for the grace of Whomever…

Risk vs. Reward: There but for the grace of whomever… As a motorcyclist, do you feel you have “fast” days and “slow” days?  Sometimes you’re in a great mood and really into the road and the machine. You ride aggressively,focusing … Continue reading

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