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How Good People End Up With Trump

How Good People Get Sucked into The Trump Swamp When I was in 9th grade I made a new friend. He sat next to me in a very poorly taught science class, and he was a “bad boy.”  He hung … Continue reading

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Touring on a Bonneville in Oregon Heat

A Triumph Bonneville In the Heat of Oregon I’ve become a real fan of the four-day motorcycle trip. The logic of it goes like this: most of my friends are, unlike me, not retired. A four-day journey that begins on … Continue reading

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Harley-Davidson’s Self-Inflicted Wounds

Harley-Davidson’s Self-Inflicted Wounds Well, they certainly can’t say they were not warned. Ardent motorcyclists have been worried about the future of Harley-Davidson since about 1998 or so and have been talking and writing about it in magazines and blogs and … Continue reading

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Motorcycles Looking for Ghosts Backwards 2018

Here is the final version Motorcycles Looking for Ghosts Backwards            2018 Pat Cordell, Donna Gaross, Rick Panneman, Brian Hardy, me Day #1 to Sisters.  7am Brekkie  8:30am start   Friday,  August 10th I-405 and then I-5 to Portland to I 205                                  … Continue reading

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