Rough draft of a motorcycle trip in September

2019 BC                                                    Rough Draft

Friday, September 6th

7am Brekkie and then leave at 8:15am

I-405 to I-5 to Smokey Point Rest stop            30 miles

I-5 to 530 to Arlington to Rockport                   60 miles

SR 20 to Marblemount (fuel)                               15 miles

SR 20 to Winthrop, Twisp, (fuel, lunch)          90 miles

SR 20 to Okanagon                                               30 miles                                

97 to Oroville                                                           40 miles                     265 miles

Camaray Motel  1320 9th St, Oroville (509) 476-3684

Saturday, September 7th

Brekkie in town?  Leave at 9am?

97 north to US Border                                          15 miles

97 North to Osoyoos                                             9 miles

East on 3 to 33                                                        30 miles

North on 33 to Kelowna   (fuel)                           75 miles

North on 97 to 6                                                      30 miles

East on 6 to Naksup          (fuel)                           111 miles                  265 miles

            Canyon Court Motel

            937 Highway 23 North, Nakusp,BC

            VOG 1RO

            1 888 509 4499

Sunday,  September 8th

North on 23 to Ferry                                              32 miles

North on 23 to Revelstoke                                   30 miles

West on Canada 1 to Scamous (fuel)               41 miles

South on 97A to Vernon                                      45 miles

South on 97 to Osoyoos                                      69 miles                    

South on 97 to US Border                                   15 miles

South on 97 to Oroville                 (fuel)               5 miles                       239 miles

            Camaray Motel  1320 9th St, Oroville (509) 476-3684

Top of Form

Monday, September 9th

Brekkie in town – fuel – leave at 9am?

South on 97 to Okanagon                                               40 miles

West on 20 to Twisp                     (fuel)                           30 miles        

West on 20 to Marblemount (fuel)                                 90 miles                                            

West on 20, South on 530 to Darrington                     26 miles

West on 530 to Arlington and then home                   79 miles         265 miles

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I am a 74 year old motorsports nut who lives in Snohomish, Washington. After a 31 year career as an English teacher, I segued into a self-created job in the motorsports business. Now retired, I was involved in customer relations for Ride West BMW in Seattle, after almost 10 years of similar work for the Cycle Barn MotorSports Group. I own, at the current time, a Triumph Rocket 3 (2020), a 2020 Triumph Bonneville, and a 2016 Ford Focus ST. What else would you like to know?
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  1. Eric B says:

    Looks like a great trip, a great place to go riding.

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