Responding to Treason With Brains

Responding to Treason with Brains

I do not know who’s in charge of today’s response to the invasion of our capital by Trumpist zealots, but I’d wager that he or she plays a lot of chess.

Many are insisting that these invaders should have been met with violent force.  What then?  If you simply shot these people dead, which I would agree is tempting, each of them would be considered a martyr by the same sort of intellects who thought the invasion was a good idea.  Martyrs inspire idealogues, with the possible (likely) outcome of violent attacks on government institutions and police and etc. all over the country.  Violence begets violence.  If violence was used to suppress today’s army of thugs, it is likely that there would be casualties among those trying to defend their capitol.  Multiply that many times over by the violence that would have ensued later all across the country.

Instead, the rioters were allowed to walk into a trap they set themselves.  Tons of video from different angles.  Witnesses all over the place.  Some damage, yes, but most of it easily repaired in less time than it will take for Trump to find safe harbor somewhere in the world.

The rioters were able to break in to Speaker Pelosi’s office, and she was “coincidentally” not there.  Brilliant.

Instead, the chess master(s) can wait a few days, until President Biden is in office, and then turn loose the restored power of law in this country.  Quietly.

Each of the rioters can be charged, individually, with a variety of crimes.  The prosecution can take as long as needed.  Quietly.  Who will defend the rioters?  Not an army of high-priced lawyers experienced in this sort of litigation.  Those cost a lot of money, and the rioters do not have that kind of money.  Trump?  Surely you jest (and don’t call me Shirley).

With videos and eye witnesses and DNA samples and on and on, the first-year law graduates hired by the Department of Justice for this task will win every case, and the rioters will end up bankrupted and in jail for a considerable length of time.   Quietly.

They will very quickly become yesterday’s news, abandoned with haste by the “leadership” of the Trump movement, as we are already seeing with self-centered oratory from shameless cowards like Senators Ted Cruz and Mitch McConnell.  The Republican party, hastily trying to reform itself, will want nothing to do with them.  Even foreign enemies who would like to damage America in any way they can will shun these people as the literal and figurative losers they are.

To whomever devised this strategy – well played.  Proud of you.

Copyright 2021                 David Preston

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