On the (motorcycle) road again – twice

Two motorcycle rides for this summer.  At last!

I’m planning for (at least) two different rides for this summer.  The first will take place July 23rd to 26th, and the second in early September.  The order will be determined by when Canada chooses to let us in again.

For the first one listed, I could use some help from other motorcyclists.  I would like some ideas of what to see and where to stop in Crater Lake National Park, and ideas for a reasonable and not very fancy motel in Aberdeen or Hoquiam.  Thank you in advance for your ideas sent to dapreston1947@gmail.com

On the Road Again #1   2021        July 23rd to July 26th

Day #1 to LaPine.  8:30am start   Friday,  July 23rd

1.      I-405 and I-5 to Portland (fuel) to South  I 205       200 miles

2.      I 205 South to LEFT (East) on 224                             15 miles

3.      224 to Eagle Creek to Estacada                                 20 miles

4.      224 becomes NFS 46 to Detroit  (fuel / lunch?)       83 miles

5.      SOUTH on 22                                                                56 miles

6.      LEFT at T to Sisters                                                     60 miles

7.      SOUTH to LaPine       (fuel)                                         62 miles

Highlander Motel  in LaPine                  495 miles

Day #2  LaPine to Crater Lake to Lakeside    Saturday, 7/24

  1. South Diamond Lake Junction                                 44 miles
  2. WEST on 138        (fuel?)                                             15 miles
  3. SOUTH (left) into Crater Lake Park                           23 miles
  4. WEST 62 to 230                                                            17 miles
  5. North (right) on 230 to Toketee Falls (fuel)              46 miles
  6. West on 138 Idleyd Park                                             34 miles
  7. West to Roseburg                                                        25 miles
  8. SOUTH on I-5 to Green                                                  5 miles
  9. WEST on 42 to Coos Bay   (fuel)                               74 miles

10.NORTH to Lakeside                                                     20 miles

                        Motel in Lakeside       310 miles

Day #3                 Lakeside to Aberdeen         Sunday, 7/25

1. Lakeside to Astoria on 101 (fuel somewhere)            210 miles

2, Astoria to Raymond                                                          50 miles

3. Raymond to Aberdeen/Hoquiam                                    30 miles

Motel in Aberdeen or Hoquiam             290 miles           

Day #4                 Motel to Home            Monday, 7/26

  1. To Forks                                                             110 miles
  2. To Port Angeles                                                55 miles
  3. Port Angeles to Hood Canal                           60 miles
  4. Hood Canal to ferry                                          20 miles
  5. Home                                               260 miles or so


The Best 4 Day Motorcycle Ride July 23rd-26th

Friday breakfast.

  1. I-405 to Smokey Point Rest Area and then north
  2. RIGHT on SR 530 and on to Darrington
  3. North to SR 20, and East 12 miles to Marblemount.  Fuel
  4. Highway 20 to Twisp (lunch, fuel)
  5. East again on Highway 20, left a few miles out of town.  20 to the Camaray Motel in Oroville.


  1. Fuel then North to the border
  2. East on Canada 3 in Osoyoos
  3. LEFT on 33 in about 50 miles
  4. 33 to Kelowna – fuel and lunch?
  5. Through Kelowna to RIGHT on 97
  6. A few miles to RIGHT on 6 at Vernon
  7. Free ferry to Naksup – Canyon Court Motel


  1. From the gas station North of the motel, right on 6
  2. 6 to 3 – then RIGHT back to Osoyoos
  3. Back to the US, and the Camaray Motel    fuel


  1. Repeat Friday in reverse

Copyright 2021                                      David Preston

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I am a 74 year old motorsports nut who lives in Snohomish, Washington. After a 31 year career as an English teacher, I segued into a self-created job in the motorsports business. Now retired, I was involved in customer relations for Ride West BMW in Seattle, after almost 10 years of similar work for the Cycle Barn MotorSports Group. I own, at the current time, a Triumph Rocket 3 (2020), a 2020 Triumph Bonneville, and a 2016 Ford Focus ST. What else would you like to know?
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