A Resolution for Those Who Hate Resolutions

A Resolution for Those Who Hate Resolutions

I’ve never liked or believed in New Year’s Resolutions. Although well-intended, they’re usually made by people up late celebrating, and often under the influence of alcohol. They usually die a rapid death by enthusiasm atrophy.

One of the casually amusing chats among the regulars who work out at the YMCA at the same time I do concerns the swing in attendance.  In January there’s often a surge of newbies who’ve resolved to get in better shape.  Their numbers fall off at a steady rate, and by March or so we are back to the usual crew.

But…this year I found a resolution, by accident, that worked very well.

As a troglodyte, I’m usually ten years behind current technology, intentionally.  By the time I adopt some new gizmo it has usually been refined and improved and is less expensive – I’m also cheap.  I bought my first (and only, so far) “smart phone” in 2016, and it’s an Apple 7.  I think the current one is a 13.  I’m also having fun learning all of the techno-trick settings of the Chevrolet SSR I just bought – which was manufactured in 2004….

Late last year I discovered, as everyone else already knows, that my phone keeps track of how far I walk, by day, week, month, and year.  I learned, to my deep dismay, that in 2020 I walked an average of 1.0 miles a day.  Appalling! True, in 2020 we were all suffering from the ravages of the pandemic, and the Y was closed for months, and all sorts of other excuses, but still…1.0 miles a day? Pathetic.

I decided that a 10% improvement for 2021 would be a reasonable goal.

But why not a Fitbit or other device?  I just read an article that says that many people are turning away from Fitbit and other devices because they are too intrusive.  The frequent reminders and exhortations are actually raising stress levels.

Your phone is not like that.  It sits in your pocket quietly, and will not interrupt.  However, it does keep track and occasional checks will allow you to remind yourself or goad you out of your chair for a healthy walk, even if just around your neighborhood.

I’ve discovered several nearby sites that offer a pleasant walk in the woods or around a lake, etc.  and can be repeated often.  This is good, as walking in my neighborhood is not really practical, as the street is State Route 9, which is essentially a two-lane freeway. I do need to drive to a walk site. 

It is now December 29th.  My walks have been really impacted by the snow and ice due to owning two motorcycles and a rear-wheel-drive SSR pickup – none of which are a good choice for snow and ice.

But, even if I do not walk at all for the next two days, I will still end 2021 with a 1.4 mile a day average, which is a 40% improvement!  I am guessing that a 40% improvement far exceeds that of almost all of the usual New Year’s resolutions.

You might try it.

Now, for next year….

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