Fiat Roof – The Saga Endeth

Fiat Roof – the Saga Endeth?

As you may or may not recall, when we purchased our Fiat 500 Sport last August there was a scratch in the roof panel behind the sunroof on delivery. It was too deep, we discovered a week later, for an airbrush repair. The proposed solution was to send it out to the paint shop to have that panel repainted.

I argued that painting deep red metallic and expecting a match was a fool’s errand, and my arguments fell on deaf ears. Not really, as the painter took the time and care to call and explain his experience and expertise, and assured me it would match.

It didn’t.   I chose to wait the requested month to see if the application of the special clear coat would bring it to perfection. It did not.  I was left to rue my own stupidity in accepting a faulty car in the first place.

Five months later the car told me it needed an oil change.  When finished, the Service Manager asked me how I liked the car. I explained that the car was exactly what I expected, and a great thing indeed, but that I was still not happy with the roof. He looked at it for one second and exclaimed “It’s not the same color!”

In the dealership’s defense, the color mismatch was not obvious, and only detectable to a 10th degree black belt car enthusiast like me, or like the Service Manager. He promised to follow up on this, and I took my cynical little heart away in the car.

To my astonishment,  the dealership called and asked me to make an appointment to have the car painted a 2nd time.  In conversations with the Service Manager, the dealer rep, and the painter, I suggested that this time, instead of trying to match paint, that the panel merely be painted gloss black. All it would have to match was the black tint of the glass sun roof panel in front of it. The painter thought this was a brilliant idea, and that the factory should have done it that way in the first place.

Susan was a little doubtful – until I brought the car home!  WOW!  The narrow panel in front of the sun roof, between the sun roof and the windshield, was black to begin with, which I had never noticed. The effect now is a panorama roof sort of deal, with gloss black from the top edge of the dark tinted windshield all the way back to the roof spoiler at the back.  It is sensational, in my opinion.

I am now, at last, a happy customer.  E-mail me if you would like to see a picture or two!

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