Pondering Thanksgiving

Reflections on Thanksgiving

A lot of hue and cry recently about the horrors of businesses being open for shopping on Thanksgiving and the woes of people who need to work this day.  Really?

For decades people have been going to pro and college and even high school football games on this day.  Who takes the tickets and sells the hot dogs?  People who are working.

Millions of Americans choose to have their Thanksgiving dinner at a restaurant. Who takes their orders, waits on them, and cooks their food? People who are working.

Others claim that since this in one of the very few non-secular holidays, everyone should have the day off.  And what do we celebrate on this day?  Looked at from one sort of  perspective,  Thanksgiving “celebrates” people of my ancestry taking advantage of the kindness of indigenous peoples in a new land, and then embarking on a campaign of lies, deceit, and genocide over centuries.  I’ll pass on that.

But let’s be positive.  Beyond anything else, it is a day to pause and give thanks. Thanks for whatever in your life is going well.  I have more to be thankful for than most, and this year has been a cornucopia of good fortune.  Beyond that, I am thankful I do not feel the need to dictate how other people choose to celebrate or spend their day.

Some people love shopping for example. They seem to enjoy it even more in the company of masses of other consumers. I do not understand this, but they did not ask me to rule on the appropriateness of their favorite activities.

Perhaps Norman Rockwell should have added a 5th painting to his famous “Four Freedoms,” one titled “Freedom from dictating what others shall enjoy.”

As for me, this is a wondrous day where I do not even mind vacuuming, which ranks pretty much at the top of my chores to avoid list.  I have so much to be thankful for I can pass the time trying to count all my blessings and not get close to the total.

May your day be filled with giving thanks and celebrating in whatever manner you see fit.

Happy Thanksgiving to all.

Copyright 2012           David Preston


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