Rev’It! “Dirt” Gloves for Pavement Motorcycles

Product Review:  Rev’It! “Dirt” Gloves

With the coming of warm weather, at least most of the time, we turn to gear for summer wear. I took out my Alpinestar “Race” gloves and noticed with sadness that they were quite worn. Road racing style gloves are terrific in the hot weather for the improved feel they provide when enjoying the wonderful winding roads of the Northwest.

This year I was particularly interested because in such gloves because I will be “on the road” for a month, starting in mid-July (egad – two weeks away!) while attending four different events.  I hope you can join me for as many of them as possible!

When the first days of true heat came along in early June, I determined to get some gloves that were suitable.  Disappointment arose when nothing in the store that lit my expenditure button.  A mention of this to Sean and bingo!  He appeared at my desk with the oddly named Rev’It! “dirt” gloves.  I’d noticed them earlier but cruised right by when I saw the “dirt” label,

Neither Sean nor I have a clue as to why they are called “dirt,” as they are clearly meant for pavement use. There’s a hard plastic abrasion pad on the palm pad – right where you would need it to prevent road rash should disaster pay a call.  The inner glove fingers and palm are black leather, and the backs are a combination of black mesh, black rubber pads on the backs of the fingers, black leather on the wrist, and a rubberized and padded black raised knuckle section.

The gauntlets are shorter than most, and the gloves are clearly meant to be worn inside the sleeve of your riding jacket, which makes sense for summer wear.  To test them, I rode home in near-80 degree temps and rush hour traffic. To prepare, I removed the liner from my Rev’It! Defender GTX jacket (for the first time since I purchased it) and opened front, rear, and sleeve vents.

Wow!  I’ve never been so comfy in warm conditions.  In fact, the gloves are the most comfortable I’ve worn in 46 years of experience. Kind of like encasing your hands in slightly warm chocolate pudding. The mesh flows air really well, and the gauntlets inside the sleeve allow said air to flow in and then vent out the arms.

 In appearance the Rev’It! Dirt gloves are almost entirely black, and the raised knuckle sections give them a faintly ominous aura.  My wife thinks they’re very cool and refers to them as my “Batman” gloves.

At $99.99 these gloves are not that cheap until you compare them to true road race style gloves, which are now commonly north of $200.  Perhaps the protection provided in a 150mph or more crash would not be as impressive, but at any likely to be attained in the real world  they should be just fine.

All in all, a terrific purchase.  Methinks calling them “Batman” gloves would have conveyed more meaning with greater accuracy that the “Dirt” label conveys, but I suppose there would be a hefty licensing fee for that.

Want great gloves for your summer adventures?  Rev’It!


Copyright 2013                               David Preston


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