The Riders for Health Scavenger Hunt – in 3 days!

The Riders for Health Scavenger Hunt

For over ten years, Riders for Health has benefited from two fund-raising rides a year held in this area. The “R-Ides of March” takes place on the Saturday nearest March 15th. The “Chilly Turkey” is held the Saturday before Thanksgiving. Both feature ride directions, questions and answers, and door prizes.

Riders for Health uses motorcycles as a significant component in their work supporting medical transportation infrastructure in Africa. Riders for Health is supported by motorcyclists all over the world, and by Moto GP, SBK, and Formula 1 teams.  For information on Riders for Health, please visit

A 3rd event debuted in 2012 that offered challenges for both street and dual sport riders.  The first Riders for Health Scavenger Hunt was a huge success, and this year’s event looks to be larger than the other two events added together.

The Riders for Health Scavenger Hunt Dual Sport and Street Bike Campout!

You’re invited to join in the fun August 9th-11th at the Cove RV Park and Country Store in Brinnon, Washington.  (on the west side of HoodCanal).  Owners Doug and Kimberly put up a “Welcome Riders for Health” sign on their reader board, contribute huge bags of ice for the communal coolers, and a wagon of firewood for the roaring campfire each night. Entrants camp out Friday and Saturday evening, and Saturday is devoted to a scavenger hunt using a digital camera to record “points” for pictures of specified locations. There are separate points opportunity lists for street and dual-sport riders, and Saturday evening the points are tabulated and prizes distributed. 

The evening is filled with combined BBQ efforts, a huge campfire, and tales of the day. A highlight is relaxing with a beverage and friends and watching a motorcycle movie outdoors.

A Very Important Participant (VIP) this year will be the fabulous Mary McGee.  Mary is an AMA Hall of Fame nominee from Utah who has been racing sports cars, motorcycles, and trucks on and off road for well over 50 years.  She has stories that are simply wonderful!

Entry fee is $25 for the entire shebang including camping, although most folks deliberately pay more. All fees are tax deductible and all proceeds are sent to Riders for Health.

To register, please go to:

Additional treats to encourage your participation!

  • Saturday morning will feature a $5 (or greater) donation for a full country style breakfast by “Flank Steak Kay.”  Kay’s cooking made people swoon last year!
  • 2 tickets to a pre-season Seahawks game will be auctioned off to the highest bidder.

Other food and provisions available at The Cove Country store, the Halfway House Restaurant (Brinnon), and the Loggers Landing Restaurant (Quilcene). There are 3 gas stations within 12 miles of the Cove.



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