How I Got to MC a Rock Concert

How I Got To MC a Rock Concert

First came the idea of posting a book I’d written as an Amazon Kindle or other reader down-load. This idea was provided by Jack Lewis, who I consider to be a “real” writer. When that first book started to sell I converted a lot of the essays I’d written for Sound Rider magazine and some others into two more books, digitalized and posted a teen novel I’d written 25 years ago and done nothing with, and created a new novel. The last was the first of the “Harrison Thomas” mystery series, and I’m now working (slowly) on the 3rd novel featuring Harrison in the lead role.

As this was happening, my adult children urged me to create a web site, and my son Will created for me.

At that point a business license seemed to be a good idea, and was secured. I can deduct the small portion of our home I use for writing, and travel expenses that pertain to research for the novels.

The latest benefit is that I can work as a host for charity events and deduct what I would have charged, as that is one of the services offered on my web site.

A couple of years ago we attended a back-yard barbecue and concert put on at a friend’s house. Bill MacDonald had put together a band of men who, like him, had dealt with cancer at a personal level. Some of them still are. That grew into the CampfireBoyz foundation, with the band doing gigs to raise money for Cancer Lifeline and other cancer research organizations. Most of the members of the band have past histories as professional touring musicians in rock bands, and we were delighted to find out that they are seriously, seriously good. We have since attended another of their gigs.

And now this. The CampfireBoyz have been working hard on a concert and fund-raiser to be held at Doc Maynard’s on Saturday evening, May 3rd. I was greatly honored to be asked to lend my finite talents as the emcee and the person to run the raffle in the middle. They will be followed by another group called Acapulco Gold. I have never heard them, but I understand they are also excellent.

As an extra treat, the entire deal will be professionally videoed!  I don’t know what will be the final outcome of that, but it does add some excitement for the bands and the guests.

This is a come full circle kind of deal in a way, as for over 20 years one of my part time jobs was as a lead guide for the famed Underground Tours, which begin in Doc Maynard’s. I am very familiar with working with a mike in the confines of Doc Maynard’s, having done so literally hundreds of times. I have funny stories from those adventures than could go on for days.

All in all, this is going to be a fantastic event! I urge you to open this link and purchase your tickets today, as sales are limited to the first 200 people. Susan will join me as well, working as a raffle ticket salesperson. She has done this before, and uses her charm and pleasant personality to great effect. Hope to see you there!

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