Fun With Recalls, and other trivia

Fun With Recalls

Just read a fascinating piece of moto-trivia in the current Sports Car Market magazine. It seems that Packard, that lamented classic marque consigned to the elephant boneyard of history, once had a recall – in 1932. Purchasers of the new Packard, staid to put it mildly, (imagine the wealth and social position of people who were able to buy a new Packard in 1932) complained about the knobs for the just announced Ride Control, which were labeled “IN HARD – OUT SOFT.” Duly mollified, the factory recalled them and the replacements were labeled in a less salacious manner.

Ain’t that grand? Wouldn’t you love to find an original know labeled ‘IN HARD – OUT SOFT” and affix it to the instrument panel of your car. You would smile every day – and creating that smile would be the only function of the knob.

You do wonder what those customers would think today when a sample of their purchase, in #2 condition, sold for $135,000.

This little snippet reminded me of a Fiat 124 Spyder I once purchased from a friend. I drove it happily for two weeks before he told me that the four speed diagram decal on the dash was there merely to cover a random hole from some previous use. The car had 5 speeds! That did improve the high speed cruising.

My current favorite non-functional button is on my computer keyboard, adorned with one of the most common expletives in the language. I love it, and think of it often when my computer refuses to intuit what I want!


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