Rattlesnake Grade videos

Some people love to watch motorcycle videos. Others would rather watch paint dry.

With that in mind, three of the best riding roads in the world are located in Washington and Idaho.  Spiral Loop Road is just across the river from either Clarkston, WA or Lewiston, Oregon.  Winchester Grade is in Oregon, and Rattlesnake Grade runs south from Clarkston toward the Oregon border.

On a 6 day ride in the past week I had the opportunity to GoPro all three of these in a total of 5 videos. On my You Tube channel today I posted three sections of the Rattlesnake Grade, and tomorrow, or at least soon, I will add Spiral Loop and the Winchester Grade. There is a delay because I was running out of space on the GoPro card, so we downloaded what I had to Bill Huck’s computer and then erased my card so I could start over. When he gets the first two transferred to me I will add them.

We had 7 people on this ride, and I will list them here for future reference.  We had an age span among the 7 of us of over 50 years from youngest to “most mature,” and the bikes had a span of horsepower of well over 100!   The group contained:

David Preston  (chief filmer!)  Triumph Speed Triple

Bill Hucks        Honda CBR 250

Bowen Hucks  Kawasaki Ninja 250

Wil Wen           BMW K1200S

Pat Cordell       BMW R 1200R

Tony Basile      Ducati

We are not going all that fast in any of the videos, (in motorcycle terms) but that can be an advantage if you have heard of these roads and want to see what they are like.

This link should take you to the Rattlesnake Grade videos


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