Motorcycles I Have Ridden Part X

#458 – 474

#458             ’12 BMW 800R demo                   ZS50972

  • White, with gloss black wheel and flat black trim
  • Flyscreen is a must have option
  • Almost no miles
  • Terrific commuter bike
  • Short gears – whee
  • Limited luggage capacity
  • A schoche short in knee and leg room
  • With bags, could be a good all around
  • Handling is so light and quick it is almost dangerous
  • Heated grips, of  course
  • Pleasant sound, but a Remus would really be great
  • Tank bag available?
  • ABS

#459             ’12 BMW S 1000 RR

  • Red and white – nice colors
  • Once again, more comfortable than can be believed

#460             ’12 BMW R 1200 ST

  • Dark blue
  • Should this be my 2012 company bike?  (yes, in 2013)

#461             ’08 BMW ST 800     #ZR11074

  • Nice shade of blue
  • Belt drive all the 800s should have
  • Sport bags
  • Only 2604 miles – a great used bike – price?
  • Appears as new

#462             2012   “My” BMW F 800 R

  • Red and silver
  • Tank bag easy to install
  • Added sport bags and luggage rack
  • Left side bag needs to be smaller to clear exhaust
  • HUGE tank bag may be “atrocious” (Swezey) but it is very utile
  • Added sport bags and luggage rack create a new niche
  • The mini sport-touring bike – there is nothing else with the same combo of like weight and technology

#463             2012 low frame BMW G 650 GS

  • They’re not kidding  – really is low!
  • Clutch and brake almost too easy to pull – stock?
  • Side stand is a mite sticky
  • Still easy to stand up on – even for the full-sized

#464             2012 BMW S 1000RR demo

  • Relatively  minor bodywork changes make a big difference
  • Muffler seems much more aggressive
  • Red white and blue paint scheme works much better now (to me)

#465             2012 BMW F 650 GS demo   Z062636

  • Yellow paint works really well. Graphics?  To taste
  • My “mini sport-tourer concept would work well with this bike as well.
  • Nice low seat, and friendly engine

#466             2012 BMW F 800 GS    “Keith’s”

  • Blue and white merely OK
  • Seat too tall
  • Bark busters a nice addition

#467             Suzuki 250cc single MSF bile

  • Used for MSF BRC program – do not recall the exact model number
  • Very impressive – kind of a Bonneville feel and ergos – a bit smaller
  • Everything works
  • Attractive maroon paint, chrome spoke wheels, etc.
  • Perfect for the lawn mowing money for a 1st bike
  • Very nice product

#468             Brammo Electric bike

  • $7000 for this?
  • No clutch, no noice, no interest at all
  • Irritating lag in the throttle
  • May be terrific as a transpo device – a total fail as a motorcycle
  • No windshield, no bags, no nada
  • Belt less wide than a “belt” – smooth power but no much
  • I doubt the range and longevity claims – no matter what they are

#469             2012 BMW R 1200R  Classic

  • Put fuel in a bike being sold
  • Has the matte black bags added
  • Old school start button and turn signals seem out of place
  • Classic paint job
  • Ample power, brakes, handling, grace, room – what else do you need?
  • A small bikini windshield, that is what it needs
  • My request for the standard model for me for this year was well placed!  2013 perhaps?

#470             ’04 BMW R 1150 GS                    used

  • Black
  • Really interesting –  much more street based that a current GS
  • Therefore, I liked it better
  • With 45,000 miles, seemed like the brakes were sticking or some other anomaly
  • Nice usable bags, small windshield, custom seat?
  • Nice bike, but definitely 8 years old in features and condition

#471             ’02 BMW R 1200CM                     used

  • BNW’s failed attempt to enter the cruiser market
  • Gray paint hardly an inspiring choice
  • Everyone of these I have ridden has just been weird
  • Chrome cylinder heads in the breeze are kind of cool
  • Sidestand with extra loop for foot is uncool
  • Clonks in front suspension and loose left hand grip
  • 3,400 miles – really?
  • The yellow and black one we sold last month is the only one of these I have seen  (ever) that I liked

#472             ’04 MZ 125 SM                  $2,000

  • A hoot and a half to ride
  • Blue with silver graphics and silver spoked “super motard” wheels
  • 125cc engine is willing but really, what can you expect
  • 5 speed gearbox
  • If I were 16, I would be in here signing any piece of paper asked
  • Fun to ride, with a smooth gearbox and good brakes
  • No extras, like gear indicator, heated grips, etc.
  • 1,565 miles!
  • So much more fun than a scooter, and several times as cool
  • Honda engine  (we think) should be bulletproof
  • Most fun bike of the year
  • REALLY hard seat

#473             ’13 BMW  C 650 GT  scooter   Vin  #ZC 94041  ( demo)

  • The GT is the larger of the two models – floorboards and more luggage and a bigger windscreen
  • Not as cramped as most scooters I’ve tried
  • Dark red paint looks good – could use even more flash
  • Electronic windshield works very well – silent when all the way up, and zippier when down.
  • Heated grips and ABS
  • Massive storage under seat
  • Brakes work in 3 phases,  right  (blah)  left  (good) and both  (NOW!)
  • Massive torque  (relatively) from 650cc twin at low rpm makes it work well in traffic
  • Feels light
  • Actually a pleasant exhaust tone, and a nice level of vibration so you know you are on a machine.
  • Perhaps typical for a BMW – seems more “serious” than most competitors.
  • I could ride one of these for years when old and frail
  • I think this is going to be a very popular model, as well as the Sport version

#474             2005 BMW R 1150R   #ZJ66168

  • An exceedingly odd bike
  • Matt lime green and matt black – which I like, ironically
  • Flat and wide bars require a leaned forward position
  • Home-crafted aluminum mounts for a… windshield?
  • Handy saddlebags heavily scuffed by careless boots
  • Sidestand is hard to see and reach
  • Heavier clutch pull than would be acceptable today
  • Probably works well after a lot of acclimatization
  • 4 way flasher light glows red at all times – disconcerting
  • Much less impressive than I thought it would be

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