2016 Motorcycle trips and adventures – Fifth Draft

 Looking for a ride destination?  Here is what I have planned so far, although “planned” is a bit of stretch.  The fall one is still under development, (other than the dates) but the late July trip is pretty much done.    I post this here to encourage ideas for you – feel free to borrow or adopt or modify any of the below. 

Of course you are welcome to attend the Riders for Health Scavenger hunt in August, and you should! 

The Canadian ride in the fall has enough going that more would really not be handy, but for the July ride I would welcome one or two for company.  I do enjoy riding alone, for sure, but having another along is safer.

2016 Motorcycle Rides –  5th Draft

July 22nd   (Friday) – July 31st   (Sunday)  Cal tour             9 days

Day #1:       I90 to Ellensberg, South to Bend, on to LaPine           (300 miles)

Day #2:       31 to Silver Lake                                   46 miles

31 to Valley Falls                                   72 miles

395 to New Pine Creek                          50 miles

395 to Alturas                                       39 miles

395 to Litchfield                                    88 miles

36 to Susanville                                     16 miles

36 to Chester                                                  36 miles

89 to Greenville                                     20 miles

(367 miles)

Day #3:        89 to Quincy                                         15 miles

E21 to Marysville

E 21 to Yuba City                                  120 miles?

99 to 113 to 80                                     80 miles?

80 to Davis                                           50 miles?      (265 miles?)

Days #4–6:   Visiting in Davis   (you would be on your own here)

Day #7:        West on E6 and 128 to Rutherford          70 miles

128 North to Geyserville                        200 miles

101 North to Eureka                                        100 miles          (370 miles)

Day #8         101 North to Crescent City                     71 miles

101 North to Newport                            192 miles

20 East to a motel                                 50 miles        (313 miles)

Day #9         to I-5 to Home                                      280 miles      (280 miles)


August 5th – 7th    Riders for Health Scavenger Hunt V

This event is a fund raiser for Riders for Health.  We camp out Friday and Saturday nights at the Cove RV Park and Camp at Brinnon, Washington.  (West side of Hood Canal).

Saturday there are street and dual sport routes offered. Door prizes Saturday night, as we sit around the fire and listen to stories by Mary McGee. Mary has been racing motorcycles and cars since 1957!  She was a friend of Steve McQueen, has done to Baja 500 and 1000 on two and four wheels – and has stories that will cause your jaw to drop.

September 2nd (Friday)  to 9th (Thursday)       6 days – 9 days

Head-Smashed In Buffalo Jump Tour

Day #1:        Over US 20 to Twisp and on to Omak

North on SR 97 to Oroville

Into Canada to Osoyoos (motel)            400 miles

The schedule from here on is up to Bill Hucks, and will probably include two to three days beyond what is listed here as the prototype

Day #2:        North on C97 and 97A to Revelstoke

NE on C 1 through Glacier Park

motel Radium Hot Springs?

Day #3:        South to Cranbrook  3  to Sparwood, East on 3 to Head Smashed Buffalo Jump                Motel in Fort McLeod

Day #4:     South on C2 to US, and Glacier Park

Counterclockwise lap of Glacier on 2 to Browning

Motel in Fairfield or Great Falls

Day #5:     South on 200 to Missoula – W on 90 to Spokane

Day #6:     Home by 90 or 20?

This one is still being laid out, but the dates are firm because most of these people need to put in for vacation time and have reserved these dates already. Last year we had 6 people on this ride – this year it may be 6 to 10.


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