Services Available

Announcing:  Car and motorcycle races,  basketball, football, wrestling, other sports? Hosting a radio talk show? If it involves a microphone and talking, I can do it.

Education:  Seminars and lectures available on motorcycles, cars, the motorsports industry,  motorsports books, writing, and more, or your choice or topic!  Each talk is tailored to the needs and interests of the group.

Charity Auctions: Discovered quite by accident that I can announce a charity auction, have a lot of fun, and be successful in raising substantial sums of money.

Product Testing: I reviewed books and tested products for American Road magazine for ten years, and assisted a couple of companies in developing new products before they were brought to market.  What do you have and what do you need?

Fees for all of these services vary from free to you-have-got-to-be kidding, depending on what, where, when, and so forth.  As a rule, I am available at the rate of $200 a day, with a similar amount added on for extras such as emcee work or leading a group ride on a motorcycle, announcing your event, etc.


Opportunities to SPONSOR:   Sponsorship of me and/or this web site, partially or totally, is available as long as the products are those I personally use and can wholeheartedly endorse.  Details on request.

Please contact me at for further information

2 Responses to Services Available

  1. Jay Nehf says:

    Hi David, Nice website, looks sharp. Read your reference to James Bond and was reminded that I knew Cubby Brocolli, the Bond movies’ producer. He had horses at the farm I managed in Florida. My book is selling well (still a trickle, but it is trickling) on Amazon, but dismal on B&N and iBooks. I see a significant problem with B&N and iBooks- their searches mechanisms suck. Amazon searches can be refined in such away that my book comes up as quickly as 5th on the list. You can’t find it with a search warrant on the other two. but I hear Apple is supposed to be making improvements. I’ll be sure to hold my breath. I’m working on my 2nd book nnow and I’m going to Paris to research the 3rd in the fall. All the books are on horse racing. Write what you know, eh? I don’t see your books oniBooks and I have Apple devices. Any plans to get them onto iBooks? You can embed video with iBooks and use epub just like Amazon. Looking forward to hearing from you.

    • david says:

      Hi Jay! Cool that you knew Cubby! The book adventure is fun isn’t it? Who knew that when we were riding together a few years ago that we each would create multiple books? I am working on two more, but I think I will stick with Amazon for now. Mine also sell at a trickle, but the trickle is increasing slowly and is now enough to make me smile. I will do ibooks if my “agent” (son Will) thinks I should! 🙂

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